The 50. KRAF 2019.

  • The 50. KRAF 2019. is an international non-professional short film festival, this year organised for the 50-th time in Rijeka, Croatia. In the last 4 years with KRAF under new management, over 12.000 films were submitet from over 110 countries. Before that, KRAF was receiving 100 – 200 films every year. KRAF has now 10 awards and we are proud to have introduced  the Ervin Debeuc best camera award named after our co-founder and many years president of the Kino video club Liburnija-film Rijeka. Best films at the 50. KRAF festival may be awarded with: the Grand prix (for the best film), the Ervin Debeuc best camera award; the best editing award; the best scenario award; the best film directing award. The best short feature film award; best documentary film award; best experimental film award; best animation film award. Special awards for the best music videos. The Viewer’s choice awards will also be awarded by the votes of the public in the 50. KRAF festival cinema. The 50. KRAF festival is a non thematic one. Films can be: feature, documentary, experimental, animation or a music video. The festival is open to all films from Croatia and abroad which have not been screened at any of the previous 49. KRAF festivals. Each entrant may enter up to 3 films. The length of each entry is restricted up to 20 minutes.
  • We have 2 juries: a club jury (prof. Sanja Paravić, prof. Marija Renko Lisac, Iva-Martina Banović, prof. Zlatko Ožanić, Verdan Grubelić, Damir Debeuc, Zoran Ventin and Koraljko Pasarić)  which selects 100-150 films out of the 3000 films submited each year. The second is a 3 member (international) jury (prof. Miroslav Tatić – president; prof. Ingeborg Fuelepp, Zoran Ventin)  which decides  the films for awards and screenings of the 4 KRAF programmes at the Art kino Croatia in Rijeka on 10 and 11 december 2019. The organiser of the KRAF festival is the Kino video club Liburnija-film Rijeka 1959. with a 60 year old history and many croatian and international awards.